Available Dogs

Below you can view all of our available dogs and puppies. Click on their photo for more information on Petfinder.com’s website. If you are interested in adopting, a link to our application can be found on the individual dog’s page on Petfinder or click on the adoption application button to the right of this page, and be sure to click on the “Submit” button at the end of the application. We try to give our dogs the best chance to have a great life and we look for loving adopters for our rescue pups and dogs. **PLEASE NOTE: We require that our puppies go into homes that have an adult at home or working from home for half of the day. This avoids crating the new pup for 6-10 hours of the day. We require this due to house training, socialization issues, and the general well being of our pups. We also require that all animals in the perspective home be spayed or neutered prior to placing an LHAR dog/pup into that home.