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Top 5 reasons to rescue

1. You are saving more than 1 pup's life.
2. You're giving a second chance to a deserving dog.
3. You wont be supporting cruel puppy mills.
4. They give you a reason to get out and walk.
5. You get a new best friend.

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Save a Life!

You have the opportunity to change a dog's life. Without the help of foster homes, we are limited In the number of dogs we can save.

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Search for Available Pups

All of our available dogs can be seen below. Scroll down to view all of our available pups. We try to update our petfinder page weekly.

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Who We Are?

Lonely Hearts Animal Rescue is a small, non-profit (501c3) rescue group made up of a network of foster homes located in Frederick Maryland. Our pups are fostered in comfortable homes with volunteer foster families. We can adopt out of state but you must be able to personally pick up your adopted dog.


How can you help?

At this time, we do not have a facility. All of our pets are fostered in comfortable homes with volunteer foster families.  We are always looking for new foster families.


Make a Donation

We are very appreciative for any amount of donation.


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Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors are Our Heroes!

As a rescue, we couldn’t do what we do without all the help and support of our corporate sponsors.  Our sponsors have not only donated funds, but have also provided resources and personnel we wouldn’t have access to otherwise